Rhiannon Hoover | Creator, Performer

Alten Wilmot | Creator

Mara Turenne | Performer


Tides Across My Heart is a 7 minute dance film shot on an iPhone, created by Rhiannon Hoover and Alten Wilmot, featuring Mara Turenne.

It is a living portrait which captures the beauty of the creative process. It is a breath. A cleanse. A chance to appreciate and celebrate something which is complete. Something which is sure. Something which connects us to the land, to ourselves, and to a simple, yet whole, sense of joy.

Tides Across My Heart is a brief moment to ground in something pleasantly unexplainable.

*This short film is presented free-of-charge with the support of the KW Community Foundation BIPOC Sustainability and Recovery Fund

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Acknowledgement: This film is generously supported by the KW Community Foundation’s BIPOC Sustainability & Recovery Fund.