Neighbourhood Series | 2023

Join us for the public presentation of our 2023 Neighbourhood Series concert, INSPIRATION CREATION!

sore knees

sore knees is a short film by Allison Ference, exploring the complexity of stepping into self-inflicted grief in the pursuit of self-discovery.


After premiering live at the Apollo Cinema, you can now stream these two exciting new dance films online: Sh*thead by Kaelin Isserlin and Inner Existence by Liv Arcangeli


COLLIDE is a 5 minute dance film created by Kaleigh Murphy.

Two stars and their fleeting moment of true connection before their inevitable collision, explosion, and demise.

COLLIDE is a dance of connection that exposes the difficulty of overcoming isolation.


Femme+ is a 10 minute short film created by Rhiannon Hoover that uses journal entries, dance, and drag to explore the depths of gender identity.

If You’re Listening… Here It Is

IF YOU’RE LISTENING… HERE IT IS is a story of success and accountability. It follows Liz Kelly, a veteran of the Canadian stage, as she contemplates abandoning the theatre after a multi-year period of unemployment leaves her questioning the value of her work and reckoning with unresolved troubles from her past.

Blue Light Glasses

Feeling like a failure and falling deeper and deeper into depression, Quinn tries to answer the question:

When your entire identity and career depend on a relationship, who are you when it ends?

Tides Across My Heart

A living portrait which captures the beauty of the creative process. It is a breath. A cleanse. A chance to appreciate and celebrate something which is complete. Something which is sure. Something which connects us to the land, to ourselves, and to a simple, yet whole, sense of joy.


Exhale by Haley Dimeck unearths ideas around self-perception, what forms identity, and the varied versions of ourselves that are constantly present.

Black Daughter

A dance film by Alten Wilmot that portrays the love and suspense of an interracial Father, waiting for the colour of his newborn daughter’s skin to set.