See You Tomorrow

After a tragedy, a college freshman returns to his hometown, searching for the courage to say hello to his friend’s grieving parents.

Neighbourhood Series | 2023

Join us for the public presentation of our 2023 Neighbourhood Series concert, INSPIRATION CREATION!

sore knees

sore knees is a short film by Allison Ference, exploring the complexity of stepping into self-inflicted grief in the pursuit of self-discovery.


COLLIDE is a 5 minute dance film created by Kaleigh Murphy.

Two stars and their fleeting moment of true connection before their inevitable collision, explosion, and demise.

COLLIDE is a dance of connection that exposes the difficulty of overcoming isolation.


Femme+ is a 10 minute short film created by Rhiannon Hoover that uses journal entries, dance, and drag to explore the depths of gender identity.

Blue Light Glasses

Feeling like a failure and falling deeper and deeper into depression, Quinn tries to answer the question:

When your entire identity and career depend on a relationship, who are you when it ends?

Black Daughter

A dance film by Alten Wilmot that portrays the love and suspense of an interracial Father, waiting for the colour of his newborn daughter’s skin to set.

Contact, None Behind

A 16 Minute solo work by Artistic Director, Alten Wilmot.

I’m With You, Not With You

A 2020 short film by Sierra Holder, Alten Wilmot, and Kaisha Ayienga