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Creating curiosity and family through dance, music, and theatre.

Board of Directors

President: Everton Wilmot
Secretary: Kate Short
Directors: Amanda Brunk, Derek Kast, Alten Wilmot

Board of Directors

President: Everton Wilmot
Secretary: Kate Short
Directors: Amanda Brunk, Derek Kast 

Artistic & Managing Director

Alten Wilmot (he/them) is a multi-disciplinary artist seeking to bring together an ever-growing community of curious people through innovative dance, theatre and film. They were born in Kitchener-Waterloo to interracial parents, hailing from Jamaica, Italy, and Mohawk ancestry.  He is Queer, “disabled,” and a New Generation artist.  They have experience working independently and collaboratively as an actor, singer, dancer, director, choreographer, writer, and producer.  They strive to leave audiences with feelings of curiosity, inspiration, and vulnerability; currently using dance, journalism, and playwriting to investigate art within capitalism and to poeticize local stories of dysfunctional relationships.

“Working from a place of listening to myself and my needs is forming the foundation of my emerging practice,” he says.  “Based in choice and the belief that we are each a unique experience of what it means to be human (d’bi.young.anitafrika), I feel that I am emerging into a practice for the people. Art outside of the few that are out to control the whole thing.  Art not as product, but as practice.  

Alten is the founder and Artistic Director of Unwrap Theatre, and in their teenage years managed Voices Over Time – a performing troupe for long-term care facilities. They have worked with companies from coast to coast, performing in two Dora Award winning productions, receiving a Denny Award from the KW Arts Awards, multiple grants from municipal to national funding bodies, the ArtworxTO Emerging Artist Award, and a Queer Emerging Artist Award from Buddies in Bad Times.  Most recently, they wrapped a Feature Film with NBCUniversal (TBA), where they played a leading character.

Artistic & Managing Director

Alten Wilmot (he/them) is a multidisciplinary artist.  He is the founder of Unwrap Theatre and in his teenage years, he founded Voices Over Time – a troupe that provided free concerts for long-term care facilities. He has worked with companies from coast to coast, performing in two Dora Award winning productions, receiving a Denny Award from the KW Arts Awards and the Queer Emerging Artist Award from Buddies in Bad Times.  Looking forward, Alten continues to explore how contemporary dance can be more deeply utilized as a narrative device, and remains curious about the biracial experience, intimate love in friendships, and his fear of parenting…

General Manager

Michele Wilmot (she/her) (BSc.hon, A.R.C.T, L.B.C.M.hon) Michele has dedicated more than 25 years to teaching piano to students. She is currently the President of the local Kitchener Waterloo branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association (ORMTA). She has earned a Certificate of Recognition for Professional Achievement from the Canadian Federation of Music Teacher’s Association (CFMTA) 2016-2018 and 2018-2020. She currently works for the Royal Conservatory of Toronto as the Cambridge Centre Representative. Michele also works with her husband as the Controller of Wilmot Technologies Inc. of 27 years. She oversees the accounting and assists in the management of employees and office.

Associate Producer

Kaelin Isserlin is a dancer, performer, community organizer, movement artist and graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2020. Based in what is colonially known as Toronto, their work explore physical/theatrical storytelling, abstracting the body, and queerness as protest. Under the guise of an OVERSIZE LOAD, Isserlin produces theatre/film work and collaborates with friends in a project titled ‘blank space’, an offering of space for artists to share their individual practices with collaborators, friends and strangers.

Associate Producer

Liv Arcangeli (she/her) is a Toronto based dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Originally from Newmarket, Ontario; she studied dance and theatre for her entire upbringing. Arcangeli is also a yoga/meditation coach and business owner (LivYoga). She holds a strong interest in the intersection between mindfulness and creativity. She feels that when you invest deeply in your inner complexities, as is done in yoga/meditation, that it can bring out extraordinary pieces in the creative process. Upon graduation from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (2018), Arcangeli danced in ‘Summer Works’ and ‘New Blue Dance’ festivals. Arcangeli has also coproduced, danced and choreographed a full-length show entitled ‘fuse’ with artists Tyra Temple-Smith and Sasha Speed. Arcangeli also works as an arts education facilitator with Tiger Princess Dance Projects.

A very professional environment has been created. From the website and social media presence to a very intimate and welcoming space, all of the details have been taken into account. Well done!
Audience Member

What We Do

Unwrap Theatre supports the development of original works of theatre, film, and dance by Canadian artists (centred in the Waterloo Region, Ontario).  We do this by commissioning artists, providing the resources and space necessary to develop the project, presenting complete projects to the public through digital and live mediums, and providing the artists with press materials to assist in pitching the work to presentation companies across Canada.    

We primarily support emerging artists who are ready to have their work produced professionally, but do not yet have the tools, connections, funding, and/or portfolio to do so.

Sharing this process with local and digital audiences expands the impact of our work by engaging the public in the artistic process.  This provides affordable access to original cutting edge work and introduces people to artists whose work speaks to them.  

These audience/artist relationships being fostered improve the day-to-day lives of the public, whilst supporting artists in building a community of followers and supporters.

At Unwrap Theatre, we believe theatre, film, and dance to be integral parts of our communities.  It is our mission to  aid in keeping these pillars strong and new!

Our Strategies


Annually produce regionally focussed theatre, film, and dance; including live productions, digitally released works, and co-productions with both regional and national companies.


Incubate new work through commissioning creators, providing necessary resources, and hosting development workshops.


Connect audiences and artists whose work speaks to each other; maintain an active online presence which sparks, inspires, and promotes appreciation of regional and national talent; garner the support of community organizations and corporations, promoting our work to a diverse range of audiences and attracting a diverse body of patrons

This play is like Black Mirror IN REAL LIFE. It made me feel unexplainable emotions! Also I related to the main character so much! Congratulations to everyone involved. And thank you for putting on a crazy show
Audience Member


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