Weightless – Short Film

Part of Unwrap Theatre’s Apprenticeship Program

Weightless is about a young woman struggling with her relationship to food (and a horrific UTI) that must overcome her anxiety during a first date.

Combatting fatphobia and disordered eating stigmas, this film is not to be missed.

This film premiered during a LIVE EVENT also called Weightless – featuring the live premiere of BLUE LIGHT GLASSES by Aveleigh Keller.

Opened by up and coming musician – Liam McGibbon – a panel discussion on female filmmaking led by Aveleigh Keller, as well as a panel on fatphobia, disordered eating, and storytelling led by Grace Rockett.

This provided a unique opportunity to engage with the directors of these films, gain insights into the creative process, the film’s themes, and the inspiration behind these thought-provoking pieces.

Watch the documentary about the event below!