Walter Rockett | Featured Dog

“Arf arf arf… bark bark bork! Rrrrrruff! Arf arf bark bark woof. Bark bork? Ruff woof rrrrrruuuff. Bark!”

Woof! My name is Walter, and I’m the newest addition to the Unwrap Theatre family. My mommy, Grace, is the associate producer and resident clown of Unwrap Theatre, bringing joy and laughter to audiences worldwide. I may be small, but I’m already learning the ropes of the theatre world, wagging my tail backstage and charming everyone I meet.

As a pup, I’m not quite ready to take the stage yet, but I’m always up for promoting our latest productions! Right now, we’re working on a whimsical new projects that’s sure to delight audiences of all ages. Keep an eye out for updates on Unwrap Theatre’s social media channels!

What’s your favourite street to go on a walk?

“Woof! I love strolling down Glen Manor because it’s lined with colorful trees and filled with friendly faces. Plus, there’s a dog-friendly café where I can get a tasty treat (my home)! Oh, and the socks of my family smell really good, my favorite part is shedding them up. But when I’m feeling adventurous, nothing beats a walk down the Beach boardwalk, even though the waves are kinda scary.”

Who’s your favourite human?

“It’s got to be my mommy, Grace! She’s always there to cuddle me when I need it, and she’s the best at playing fetch. Plus, her socks smell the best!”


What’s your favourite place to create?

“I love creating in the backyard! My favourite is when grandpa (Grace’s dad) is watering the grass and I get to chase it! I feel like I’m jumping through hoops like in cirque-du dogé! And when we’re not creating, I love chasing birds in the park!”

What motivates you to create?

“Woof, seeing the smiles on people’s faces! Whether it’s through a hilarious skit or a heartwarming story, there’s nothing better than spreading joy and laughter to others. And the occasional game of bird chase keeps me on my…paws!! Woof….and treats. Those are very motivating.”

How do you feel creative when you’re feeling stuck?

“Woof, sometimes all it takes is a good belly rub or a game of tug-of-war to get my creative juices flowing again. And if that doesn’t work, a nice long nap usually does the trick!”

Thank you Walter for chatting with us!

Your life sounds the opposite of RRRRRUFF.