Dreaming in Colour | 2024

Join us for an interactive performance for the whole family. Enjoy live dance, painting, and music with local painter and dance artist – Haley Dimeck – alongside live piano music by local composer – Edith Covachincluding interactive elements for ages 7-14 with professional clown, Grace Rockett.

Dreaming in Colour is an interactive performance around the theme of dreaming.  Around how our lives influence our dreams and our dreams influence our lives.

The performance features local artist, Haley Dimeck. Haley is no stranger to Unwrap, having choreographed one of two live shows in our opening summer season in 2019 and a dance film in 2021. She is not only a talented choreographer, but has recently branched out into the world of visual arts as well.

We are proud to bring Haley’s dance-painting performance and local composer Edith Covach’s piano works together for a performance with elements for the entire family – including exciting interactive elements for ages 7-14 with professional clown, Grace Rockett. 

Come out and see for yourself how live dance, painting and piano music intersect to create a fabulous concert for us to celebrate and reflect on our dreams.

DATE: Sunday, April 28th @ 2pm

LOCATION: The Button Factory | 25 Regina St S, Waterloo, ON

TICKETS: $15 / (1) individual, $40 / Family Ticket: 2+ children with parent(s)

RUNTIME: approximately one hour

Please note: The Button Factory is WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE.

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