Small Curiosities 2023 – All Projects

Small Curiosities is a micro commission program that supports artists in a way that allows them to try something new in a short term, manageable scope for social media. This provides opportunities to create quickly and on a small scale, encouraging them to take new dramatic risks.

The Sun Will Rise Again by Mara Turenne

The Sun Will Rise Again brings light to the fact that life is hard, and it’s okay if getting out of bed is the biggest accomplishment in your day! Embrace the idea that the sun rises everyday and enjoy the small things in life on the days where it’s hard to get out of bed.

Wonder by Russul Al-Shawkat

Wonder is about all the questions we ask to make sense of the world around us and the answers that satisfy our curiosity. But it’s also about those questions that linger within us, those simple questions that can have complicated, nuanced answers and the journey they can lead us into where we eventually see ourselves and the world through a different perspective.

Rusty by Ayesha Ahad

“Truthfully, I had gotten out of a very long relationship and got back into the dating world. I met this person that I just fell in lust with completely. Absolutely head over heels type. When it came to the actual date, I bombed EVERY word and question, it was absolutely terrible haha. Overwhelmed by this feeling, when I got home I started questioning everything about myself! Then I just kept saying: “Damn, I am just absolutely Rusty”. Then the song came out from there.” – Ayesha Ahad

Ayesha Ahad is a musician local to Kitchener-Waterloo that crafts and writes original RnB music. Inspired by H.E.R and Kehlani, Ayesha writes with impactful minimalist production that provides the springboard for the listener to connect with the story behind the lyrics.

Mini Movements by Alyssa Warren

A young dancer takes a small curiosity and dedicates herself to it. Through Mini Movements, she grows.

“The music is an original piece by my younger brother Gavin Warren with his clarinet. I’m very excited to be featuring his talents as part of my work. He himself found a “small curiosity” in clarinet during high school and is now completing his final year in music at the University of Toronto. His passion for his craft is incredibly inspiring to me.” – Alyssa Warren

Created by Alyssa Warren (@alyssalillianw)

Almost by Callum McGann

“Today I saw the only happy one spin twice – each time, it was just before launching themselves even further into joy. Ha! They have found a way to keep this on repeat until there is literally nothing left. Today I saw someone make serious progress in their ability to hold their tongue. Today I longed for the messy conservation. Today I couldn’t wait to remove the excess. Today I’ve been seeing the sinking soaring floating and rain. Quit peeking! Skunk!”

Synesthesia by Haley Dimeck

Synesthesia is a lighthearted portrayal of brain activity when dancing, painting, or when doing life. The process involved emulating paint strokes through movement and vice versa. Then additionally, having the music fit the qualities in editing. This visually represents examples of the mind associating one thing with another simultaneously, which is known as synesthesia. The piece also includes a slight chaotic build up as more paint strokes are added and perhaps more thoughts enter the mind. The process was overall experimental, super enjoyable, and is open to other feelings and interpretations.

Beyond by Rhiannon Hoover

BEYOND explores the concept of art and its creation through the transformative media of makeup. Audiences may discover that both the process and the final product can be equally fascinating.

Prosthetic design, creation and application by Rhiannon Hoover