Premiered live at the live event WISH – held at the Apollo Cinema.

This experimental dance film follows a guarded version of the artist, diving into surreal dreamscapes to revisit friendship, fear, and desire – all wrapped up in hurt and angst.

SH*THEAD asks: “Do you believe in right and wrong? Is there anything you wish you could change?”

Kaelin Isserlin | Creator and Dancer

Katie Adams Gossage | Featured Dancer

Bee Pethick | Co-Director and Editor

Bryce Zimmerman | Cinematographer

Twin Masks | Original Score

Watch Trailer Below!

Acknowledgement: This film was made possible with the support of the Government of Canada and the Musagetes Fund at the KW Community Foundation. The live event is made possible with the support of SPECTRUM; Waterloo Region’s Rainbow Community Space, White Tiger Vintage, Wilmot Technologies, Laura & Bill Trimble, and the Lindy Green Family Foundation.

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