Premiered live at the live event WISH – held at the Apollo Cinema.

Inner Existence is a dance film created and danced by Liv Arcangeli that explores the energetic body and how it affects us on an internal and external level.

It is an attempt to surface what cannot be seen and to provide the chance to experience a deeper sense of introspection. It was created with the objective that when we are given the chance to experience on this level, we are better able to connect with our true nature.

This piece attempts to explore: How can we use our inner essence to deepen the connection we have with ourselves? What happens when we access our subtle states of being? What effects does this have on us? Finally, why do we often omit this state?

Part of the inspiration for this work was to bring out the reminder that even thought it cannot always be felt, there is still an abundance of joy, beauty, and peace that is always with us.

You as the viewer are invited into this experience while watching.

Liv Arcangeli | Creator & Dancer

Alex Glutch | Music

Denzel Vazquez | Cinematography & Colour

Kristen Innes Stambolic | Animation

Yimting Ma | Video Editor

Watch Trailer Below!

Acknowledgement: This film was made possible with the support of the Government of Canada and the Musagetes Fund at the KW Community Foundation. The live event is made possible with the support of SPECTRUM; Waterloo Region’s Rainbow Community Space, White Tiger Vintage, Wilmot Technologies, Laura & Bill Trimble, and the Lindy Green Family Foundation.

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