Rhiannon Hoover | Creator, Performer

Caitlyn MacInnis | Dancer

Serena Hoover | Performer


Femme+ is a 10 minute short film created by Rhiannon Hoover that uses journal entries, dance, and drag to explore the depths of gender identity. 

The piece is a deep dive into Rhiannon’s most vulnerable thoughts as they slowly discover their non-binary identity. It offers an insightful look at the questions, dysphoria and confusion that arose when developing a relationship with their unique gender. Rhiannon’s personal journey examines how childhood dress-up transformed into a necessary means of self-expression through the art of drag performance, and a longing for community. It features Caitlyn MacInnis as an improvisational dancer and Serena Hoover in place of Rhiannon’s younger self. 

Femme+ is a complete celebration of queerness that highlights the importance of representation, and exposes the power of self-liberation.

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Acknowledgement: This film is generously supported by the KW Community Foundation’s Arts Fund