I’m With you, not with you

Sierra Holder | Performer, Creator
Alten Wilmot | Performer, Creator
Kaisha Ayienga | Videographer, Editor

Bedroom. Pillow. Clock. Bedsheets.

I roll over to find I can no longer tell the difference between your head and the pillow, my heartbeat and the ticking of the clock.

Kitchen. Coffee. Table. Mug.

I look down to find my hands have melded to this cup, and the backs of your legs have been welded to that chair.

I just remembered I forgot, there used to be movement here.

Movement then, stillness now. Difference there, nothing here.


This short film premiered at the 2020 Digital ‘On the Edge’ Fringe Festival in North Bay.


This short film was generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and CBC Radio.

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