Sasha L Henry | Featured Artist

“…I feel compelled to say the quiet parts out loud. I want to be a voice, a conduit, for the things so many of us feel and are scared to say or think about.”

Sasha L Henry’s spirited energy is the pulsating force that mesmerises her audience. Born in Jamaica but raised in Toronto, the soul singer/songwriter is infusing all things love and life into catchy melodies. Inspired by Black women like Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Billie Holliday and Queen Latifah, Sasha embodies the star qualities of performance, infusing her sets with apropos personality and stage-commanding boldness. 

She’s also in the business of helping others dazzle any stage. Sasha is a vocal coach, performance coach and Co-Founder/Executive Producer of a Black theatre company, Kwetu Theatre Arts. A roaring voice and dazzling personality, Sasha L Henry is elevating the sound of soul.

Favourite performance you’ve seen?

Tank and the Bangas 2018, changed my life. I just remember being in the front, and she was looking out at all of us, and I just felt moved. I looked around to see if it was just me and everyone was either crying or near tears, I was bawling. She was singing with such conviction and emotion, you had no choice but to feel something. That was the moment that I decided I want to make people feel this way.”

What do you hope to accomplish with your art?

I hope to make people feel seen, heard and understood through my art.”

Favourite place to create?

Tie between my closet and my car. When I was younger, and I was insecure about my voice and ability, I only felt safe enough to sing in my closet with the lights off. Now as an adult, my car. I go for a drive, put on an instrumental and just speak my way into a song.”


What motivates you to create?

“It’s really a compulsion. I spent much of my adolescence really searching for a place to belong. I knew I wasn’t alone in that feeling but I felt like no one was open about it. So I feel compelled to say the quiet parts out loud. I want to be a voice, a conduit, for the things so many of us feel and are scared to say or think about. And hopefully we all find community in these shared feelings.”

Who in your life inspires you?

My mother was my first inspiration. She has a beautiful voice and always wanted to be a singer back in Jamaica, and even medalled in a singing competition when she was younger. Apart from her I’m spoiled for inspiration. I’ve met such talented people, had the privilege of knowing peoples processes, and witnessed people overcome and conquer various trials and goals. But to name a few, my boyfriend, Aaron Ridge, who is also an artist. My best friends, Shenikqwa and Vanessa, who both trailblaze in their industries. Marley, Angie, Sunrae, Fridae, Anika, the list literally goes on and on.”