Rusty | Small Curiosities 2023

“Truthfully, I had gotten out of a very long relationship and got back into the dating world. I met this person that I just fell in lust with completely. Absolutely head over heels type. When it came to the actual date, I bombed EVERY word and question, it was absolutely terrible haha. Overwhelmed by this feeling, when I got home I started questioning everything about myself! Then I just kept saying: “Damn, I am just absolutely Rusty”. Then the song came out from there.” – Ayesha Ahad

Ayesha Ahad is a musician local to Kitchener-Waterloo that crafts and writes original RnB music. Inspired by H.E.R and Kehlani, Ayesha writes with impactful minimalist production that provides the springboard for the listener to connect with the story behind the lyrics.