Liv Arcangeli | Featured Artist

I believe we spend most of our time thinking about the external aspects of ourselves that we often lose touch with our true essence of who we are.”

Liv Arcangeli is a Toronto based movement artist and somatic healer in the mediums of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and sound healing. She also has found her guideship journey to emerge as a transformational life coach in the online world. She uses the body as a way into the spirit and believes that the body is a vessel for us to move into deeper states of consciousness to help us access profound infinite wisdom that we all carry.

Whether creating a dance piece or working with her clients, Liv aims to create a gateway for others to see more deeply and establish new points of contact with themselves. Liv is inspired to create spaces and experiences that allow for others to tap into parts of themselves that they didn’t know existed so that they can not only live their life in the way that they want to, but also as a way to create meaningful connection to the world around us.

Liv is also a somatic healer and life coach, practicing in the mediums of yoga, meditation, and breath work.

She has a very exciting breath work class starting next week which will run every Wednesday from 6-7pm at Ebb & Flo Studio – 95 Danforth ave. 3rd floor Toronto.

This is a transformational breath work experience that includes deep breathing to rhythmic music, intention setting, guided meditation and visualization, sensory experience, somatic movement, community connection & sound healing. This experience is designed to allow participants to access deeper states of consciousness as a way to gain clarity, release stress, experience deep rest, heal from trauma, and more.

Participants can register via Ebb & Flo or send Liv a DM on her instagram for more info – @livcreativewellness

Favourite place to create?

“I love to create anywhere in nature because I use that as my inspiration. In all the work I do I am very connected to the world around me in all aspects. Being in nature grounds me and brings me back to the truest version of myself and when we can tap into that place within us, this is where I believe we create our best work.”

How do you feel creative when you’re feeling stuck?

“I let myself be stuck. If we try to fight creative blocks, we are just creating more resistance. If we back off, then we are giving ourselves exactly what we need; space. I believe that blocks come from when we are disconnected with ourselves. The best thing I find to do is take a break and I always do something that inspires me. I often tend to turn to my spiritual practices for this using the mediums of yoga, meditation, powerful breathwork, being in nature, or just simply creating something for fun.”

Who in your life inspires you?

“Every human inspires me. It’s amazing how each human has something incredibly unique to offer and how I learn so much about life through a simple conversation with another human. Even if it’s just someone I encounter for a few minutes at the grocery store. What inspires me most is our ability to love one another so deeply. I’m constantly inspired by the giving and receiving from human to human in all relationships in my life.”


What do you hope to accomplish with your art?

“I want my art to inspire others to slow down and look at the world from a different point of view. I believe we spend most of our time thinking about the external aspects of ourselves that we often lose touch with our true essence of who we are. When we can tap into a place of deeper awareness it opens us up to greater fulfillment, more joy, vulnerability, creativity…all the things that are the most beautiful aspects about life.”

What inspires you to create?

“I believe creativity is a fundamental aspect that makes us human. We humans are creations. creativity runs through every cell of our body. For me, this creates an undeniable burning desire to take that energy and create something tangible to share with others, connect, & inspire someone else to create.”