Alten Wilmot; Artistic and Executive Director

“It is my dream that one day everyone in the world has access and interest in multiple works and mediums of art that contribute to the multiple complex experiences they face as a human being.”

Through their work as an actor, choreographer, director, writer, and producer, Alten Wilmot seeks to create experiences and opportunities where people can dive into their emotional life in order to find understanding, validation, knowledge, coping and healing. Their work has taken them across the country, where they have had the opportunity to meet artists that inspire him, people that enrich his life, and companies that welcome him into communities of all forms.

Their art is heavily informed by his Black, Biracial, Queer, and Disabled identities. It is through the intersections of these experiences that they are able to find the unique insights and expressions that make up their work and serve as a vessel for them to bring something curious, compelling, and exciting to their own life and other people’s lives.

To check out what they’re up to next, Alten’s latest play – Mixed(er) – will be presented as a part of the IMPACT23 Festival in Kitchener this fall.  Follow MT Space (and Alten) so you don’t miss it!

Alten has recently released his latest short dance film – D-LEAGUE – now available to stream on Guelph Dance’s youtube channel.

Favourite dance performance?

“My favourite dance performance is Angels’ Atlas by Crystal Pite.  Crystal choreographs with the visceral nature of contemporary dance combined with the insightful nature of a master storyteller.  The blending of these disciplines I find to be incredibly impactful, as it beautifully satisfies both the mind (through the story) and the spirit (through the dance), creating a very full experience for the audience member.  Additionally, the choreography and dancing itself is incredibly virtuosic – it is always amazing to watch human beings executing unimaginable things!”

Favourite artist and why?

My favourite artist is Mariah Carey.  In addition to the virtuosity of her work  – both her singing and songwriting are truly masterful – she has this beautiful ability to completely open herself up and welcome us in to this emotional, vulnerable place.  It is in this experience that I find not only great comfort, but also great teachings (and entertainment!).  Her music and her performances have gotten me through some very low lows and very high highs.  It is my goal that my work can do the same for others.”

What motivates you to create?

“It’s always different to be completely honest.  My own experiences, especially ones of hardship, are big motivators.  Creating art around these not only helps me to get through them, but it also makes space for others going through similar experiences.  The land motivates me to create a lot.  Being by the water is one of my favourite places to be, and where my creative juices tend to flow most naturally.  I’m also very inspired by the people in my life.  This includes other artists that I am collaborating with and friends/family/colleagues/communities/strangers whose stories inspire me to grow and see life in a new way.  Honestly, sometimes it’s just money…  Haha.  Most often, at least for my bigger projects, it’s a combination of all of these things.”


How do you feel creative when you’re feeling stuck?

The benefit of wearing so many hats (actor, writer, choreographer, producer, etc.) is that when I am feeling stuck with one I can put it on the back burner and focus on another.  I’m always able to find joy, confidence, and motivation in at least one of these disciplines, so if I lean into that it will usually spill back over into the others.  The few times when I am feeling stuck with all of them is usually when I pick up something new !  As long as I never dwell on the stuck feeling, and instead just work around it until I’ve past it, I am usually alright!”

What do you hope to accomplish with your art?

I hope that I can do something new.  I like to think of myself as an innovative leader.  Whether it be through the art I am creating, the way I am creating it, or the platforms I am creating for others to do it, I hope that I can take the performing arts to a new level.  It is my dream that one day everyone in the world has access and interest in multiple works and mediums of art that contribute to the multiple complex experiences they face as a human being.”